Things to keep in mind while shopping for wallpapers

For most people, your home is your sanctuary, pride, and joy.  When setting up your home, there are some aspects you particularly choose to make your home unique and add your own personal style stamp, including wall décor. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to proceed with the wallpaper. It's amazing how dramatic the impact wallpaper can make! 

There are a few things that you should keep in mind whether you are updating or newly installing wallpaper in your home. When buying wallpaper, use the tips below to get the outcome, you'll be delighted with!

Pick the wallpaper according to your specifications

Make a considered choice when selecting the wallpaper's colours, textures, and design. There is a tremendous amount of range and choice available in the market. But, remember not everything will suit the space or the furniture you have. Consider what will be complementary to your existing decor and design. Consider your personal style incorporating what aesthetic goal you also have in mind. Dark and moody? Light and bright? Lots of patterns and textures or calm and neutral? Whatever your choice may be, wallpapers can add depth to a room or simply make a room pop with a stunning feature wall.

Shopping for Wall Art wallpapers

Best buy for your budget

There are numerous wallpaper options out there. More expensive doesn’t always mean better quality. However, for premium wallpaper such as removable wallpaper, you will expect to pay for the convenience and added benefit of having a product that is DIY and super easy to install without any mess or specialized installer required. Removability also means the added benefit of simple and clean removal, unlike traditional wallpapers which may be less expensive but require a lot of effort, expertise, and quite often additional cost to install and remove.

Don’t let adhesive ruin the elegance

Don’t ever ignore this point as it should be one of your major considerations in choosing a wallpaper. Adhesives are essential in determining the effort and expertise required to put up and take down your wallpaper. If you’re after a hassle free product we always recommend self adhesive DIY wallpaper which you can simply peel and stick and then easily remove yourself. On the other hand, of you’re willing to put in a lot more effort and time or are happy to outsource your installation traditional pasted wallpapers may be appropriate.  However, it should be noted that removable peel and stick wallpaper will always be easiest to apply and usually provide the best finish for the effort required for the home decorator as it can be repositioned without fuss.

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Don’t forget about the eco-friendly decor

We all know how important it is to keep our homes safe especially with little ones around. Ensure you choose premium non-toxic wallpapers. Quality will always give you a more premium look and finish as well as greater peace of mind. Little Lion House wallpapers are all non-toxic and are printed with non-solvable inks ensuring no leaching fumes or gasses.


Wall Art Wallpaper to decorate your home

Let Blomstra Wall Art Professionals help you

You will have a lot of choices readily available for you, varying from patterned wallpapers to  large murals. But if in any case, if you’re undecided and not sure what would best suit your space, feel free to contact us for assistance. We are happy to help to choose the wallpapers based on an individual’s preferences, taste and room suitability. 

Browse our website to check out our wide range of wallpapers today and let your walls speak to your style.