Wallpapers - everything from easy decorating options to budget friendly transformations of your home

Nothing says more about yourself than your house. Your house is the true expression of who you are as a person, from the furniture design down to the smallest décor choice, and that is why home decoration is super important. Walls have always been an integral part creating the right mood and aesthetic in your home. There are several ways to dress up  your walls, such as hanging antiques and artwork, which may be a more costly option depending on budget and choice.

You don't have to fear, though, since there are many and much easier ways for you to enhance your simple walls by using wallpapers, wall decals and wall stickers without worrying about the cost. Keep reading to learn why you should seek this out at home.

Budget Friendly Wallpapers

Wide range of design options

One of the best things that comes with wallpaper decorating your home is that you'll never run out of choices. Little Lion House wallpapers will appeal to almost anyone, young or old, from adorable, animated characters to intricate, stylish designs. Our wallpapers, wall stickers and decals allow you to be as creative as you like in placement and style so no two rooms will ever look the same. You can't seem to find what you want, exactly? Don't think about it; you can even get your personalized stickers.

A affordable and cost effective

Wall decals and stickers are extremely affordable and can make a big impact on a small budget.  Apart from being more affordable than many other home decor alternatives, if well taken care of, our wallpaper decals and wall stickers can last for as many years, but are also completely removable if you decide you want a design change. Incredible, isn't it?


Since they are easy to use, wallpapers are a DIY home decorator's best mate.  And much like how easy it is to put up, it is a breeze to remove our wallpapers, decals and wall stickers. No handymen, no messy glue, no steaming your walls or messy stripping, no extra costs, no hassle.

A way to eco-friendly decor

Looking to put up some wall stickers for your little one’s room to give them something fun and imaginative to immerse themselves in? Our wallpapers, decals and wall stickers are perfect for the spaces your little people live in as they are non toxic with no harmful fumes and non solvent inks.

Wall Art wallpapers

On-trend everywhere

While wallpapers and wallastickers are traditionally used on walls, our products are so versatile and can be used on any smooth interior surface such as furniture and doors allowing you to be as creative as you like. No mess,, just peel and stick and suitable for all kinds of settings including rented properties, private dwellings, condos, big homes, villas, and farmhouses, offices or any workplaces. 

Wall stickers

About Little Lion House                                    

Little Lion House is a company devoted to its clients making and distributing premium wallpapers, wall stickers and decals. We have a team of specialists and professionals with decades of expertise under our belts. We adopt a super customer-centered approach and aspire to build a bank of designs to can cater to all sorts of individuals and spaces. 

We will help you out in no time regardless of whether you are trying to decorate your children's room, your personal bedroom interior, your dining room, or every other wall in your home. To try out our large variety of wall coverings, simply contact us at blomstrawallart.com!